London Cruisers - Women Basketball

As a former basketball player I happily agreed to go with London Cruisers, Women's Basketball team to create a photo story of them competing with other teams at Düssel-Cup tournament in Germany. ...more

Mally Harpaz + Colonial Sun

Blind Dog Studio presents Mally Harpaz + Colonial Sun at The Victoria Dalston London ...more

Hilary Manuhwa at work

Hilary at work 1

Hilary Manuhwa, a Zimbabwean sculptor leading an art business ‘Culture in stone’, where he and other artists run workshops, sell Zimbabwean stone and host exhibitions of their sculptures around the world. ...more

Stephen Cotterell at work

Stephen at work1

I invited a portrait photographer Stephen Cotterell to a project documenting people at work. I chose Stephen knowing his passion for photography, life curiosity and his love for people. My aim was to show the way he works creating a safe space for photographed people, letting them open up in front of him and his camera. ...more